January 13th is the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus.  Today we offer a Parish Eucharist at 11:00am followed by coffee.  At 2:30pm we welcome into the family of the Church Logan Baines, through Holy Baptism.

The Baptism of Jesus marks the beginning of His public ministry. John, the forerunner, was preparing the way for Jesus by preaching repentance and baptizing people in the Jordan as they acknowledged their sins. John also proclaimed that one greater than he would come and “baptize you with the Holy Spirit” (Mark 1:8). With these things in mind, it is not surprising that John resisted when Jesus asked to be baptized by him. Why did Jesus need to be baptized? Why would he submit to John in this way? There are a number of reasons worthy of exploration. First, Jesus certainly was not baptized for forgiveness of sins, since He was sinless. There was no need for Him to repent. Still, in this act, He showed His solidarity with sinful humanity and gave indication of His role as Saviour. Second, as indicated in the second reading, this event expresses Christ’s anointing as the Messiah. It also reveals His identity as the Son of God through the voice coming from Heaven and brings to light the Trinity through the action of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit seen at the baptism. Finally, Jesus’ baptism prefigures the Sacrament of Baptism that He would institute, in which we receive the Holy Spirit and are adopted as children of God, while also being cleansed of our sins.

Since most of us were baptized as infants, we do not remember the event. Yet, no matter what age you were baptized, it still has the same effects: cleansing of sin, imparting of grace, giving of the Holy Spirit, adoption as a child of God, and incorporation into the Church. Take time today to thank God for the gift of baptism and reflect on the importance of your baptism.

Fr Paul and Churchwarden Margaret Ormston and the PCC extend our thanks to the entire congregation for this year’s Christmas Gift envelope response. Including Tax recovered for Gift Aid your gifts to Kirton Church exceeded £1,100.

Joint Churchwardens Meeting at The Vicarage on January 16th at 2-30pm.

Sunday January 20th is the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Our friends from Kirton Methodist Church will be joining with us on this day at 11:00am.  Please try to pray this prayer everyday:

God, One in Three Persons, in Christ you have made us one with you and with one another. Be with us now and by the power and consolation of the Holy Spirit, free us from the self-centredness, arrogance and fear that prevent us from striving towards the full visible unity of your Church.

Kirton PCC meet on January 22nd in The Vicarage at 7:00PM.

February 3rd is the Festival of Candlemass. On this Sunday all the Churches of the group are invited to join with us at Kirton at 11:00am for a special Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple also with the reception of four young people who will make their 1st Holy Communion. These young people have been working hard for months on a course entitled “Welcome to the Lord’s Table”.  Please do your best to support these young people in their life of faith.