“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

Reinhold Niebuhr

Dear Colleagues

During the rapidly approaching period of vacancy, Terry and I will be keeping you all informed  by means of Churchwardens Reports on a regular basis:-

  1. Father Paul
    1. Our thoughts and prayers go with Denis and Elaine as they journey to Ramsgate to present Fr.Paul and Maggie with their painting of All Saints. Thank you so much to the Glenns for doing this on our behalf, and of course, our prayers go out to Fr. Paul and Maggie as they begin their new journey and work in Ramsgate tomorrow.
  2. Pop-In Lunch
    1. The next Pop-In Lunch will be on Tuesday November 12th from 12.30 in the village hall. Menu will feature Home-made Shepherds Pie
  3. Letter to the bishop
    1. Our letter to the Bishop was received and acted upon. The Bishop has invited Terry and myself to open discussions with the Archdeacon about vacancy matters. We have written, and await a date for that meeting.
  4. Service Pattern.
    1. Normal Sunday eucharists will be led by The Revd. Father Alan Taylor, following our usual pattern of 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month at 09.30
    2. Our Patronal Festival for All Saints will be at 09.30 on November 3rd. The Rural Dean has kindly arranged for a ‘guest’ priest for that day.
    3. The normal 2nd Sunday service in November will be a hybrid communion/Remembrance Service at 09.30 as usual
    4. We are all invited to visit St Nicholas Skirbeck church ‘en masse’ for 9.30 eucharist on December 29th
  5. Harvest
    1. Was very successful, with the Lunch and auction clearing a final profit of over £600.00 to go towards the Parish Share, which is on target once again,  for full payment by the end of the year.
  6. Prayer List
    1. Please let me know if there is anyone to add to our prayer list. I am aware of a lot of sickness and bereavement at the moment.
  7. Thursday Services
    1. We are determined to continue, and to grow, the Thursday noon services. A change of format is required as these must be lay-led during vacancy. I have prepared a four week cycle with slightly different formats to ring the changes and keep the feeling of these short services fresh and personal. Terry and I are appealing to anyone in our worship community who might feel able to lead a session. Our intention is to help us grow in faith this way, as we have been charged to do this year, so the subject will be broached by Fr. Paul at his last Service with us here in the village, on Thursday.  A leaders rota has been drawn up – thanks to all those who volunteered to have their arms twisted.
  8. Changes in the group
    1. We are continuing to explore the strong possibility of changing the group with which we are organisationally and spiritually connected - to St Nicholas, Skirbeck. To that end. Permission has been granted to pursue this by all the various bishops concerned.
    2. Much discussion took place at PCC surrounding this positive move. It is to be strongly noted however, that we in no way wish to disassociate ourselves with our very good friends and neighbours at Kirton.
    3. A new priest for the St Nicholas parish has been successfully interviewed.
  9. Christmas Fayre
    1. Will be on Saturday November 30th from 2pm. In the village hall. More stall than ever, including a few guest stalls for crafts. Please make a diary note for this event.
  10. PCC     Meets on Tuesday 12th November, from 7.30pm. Venue yet to be          decided.
  11. Tax back
    1. Thanks must go to our treasurer for guarding our pitiful few coppers so well. Our changes made to giving  in the last year or so have resulted a nice cheque from HMRC of over £600.00 – well done all!
  12. Carols Concert
    1. By the Boston Band and Singers of the Salvation Army is booked and confirmed for 3pm Sunday December 1st.

We are in a strong position – blessed by the love and support we have for one another and from the parish.