Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 11:15

You are invited to join us for  United Benefice celebration of Candlemass on Sunday February 3rd at 11:00am in the Parish Church of SS Peter & Paul in Kirton in Holland. The second Chapter of St Luke's Gospel describes how the Holy Family fulfilled the Old Testament Law, which said that a rite of redemption of the firstborn son should take place 40 days after his birth. Also, mothers would undergo ritual purification after childbirth. This is the moment that old Simeon saw the Messiah and pronounced his Nunc dimittis, and the many decades of widowed Anna’s faithful waiting were fulfilled. The name “Candlemas” comes from the solemn blessing of candles for use in church and in homes during the year.  We will unite our prayers and hearts with our forebears as we walk in procession around the Church on this feast, a tradition that stretches bacl to the time of Pope St Gelasius I (d 496). St Bernard of Clairvaux also said that in processing we imitate Mary and Joseph, Anna and Simeon, walking two by two with candles lighted from the blessed fire of the Church. Also on this special day we celebrate the special occasion of 1st Holy Communion when Vimbai, Natalie, Sebastian and Damien make their first Holy Communion. A party will follow Mass, all are welcome.